PIANO-centricity (In 3 Phases)

PIANO-centricity (In 3 Phases) Date: Saturday, December 17th, 2016
Time: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Phase 1: 
Watch the live piano tuning by Guy Russo, and make yourself comfortable!

Phase 2:
Hear this freshly tuned piano be broken in by:

Dubravka Bencic
WORK TITLE: in-flow w chaos+stilness
STYLE: classical improvisation
INSTRUMENTATION: piano and a maybe
Joey Molinaro
WORK TITLE: Nihilist Activism
STYLE: sludge/ black metal/ doom
INSTRUMENTATION: amplified piano
Valerie Kuehne (w/Dubravka Bencic)
WORK TITLE: it felt like SLEEP PARALYSIS but was only CHAOS
STYLE: performance art/classical/experimental
INSTRUMENTATION: voice, cello, piano, objects
(Hunter Colt Paulson)
INSTRUMENTATION: piano, voice, windchime, loop pedal
Guy Russo
WORK TITLE: Piano Tuning and “Dangerous Creatures”
STYLE: singer/songwriter
INSTRUMENTATION: piano and voice
Irene Monteverde
WORK TITLE: Exhaustion
STYLE: Improvisation
INSTRUMENTATION: Piano / UDOO Smart Theremin
(Danielle Rager & Susan Quo)
WORK TITLE: Nascence
STYLE: improvisation and irreverent experimentation over a semifluid matrix of classical training
INSTRUMENTATION: violin, piano, voice, electronics

LINKS:  https://soundcloud.com/diaphonyincarnate

Phase 3:
Open piano! Everyone is welcome to play, listen, and enjoy!

suggested donation: $10  (all proceeds go towards the piano tuning/refurbishment and to support the performers)