WHATSUP & Painting with Tennis Balls: Works by Sarah Zeffiro & Tom Mosser

WHATSUP & Painting with Tennis Balls: Works by Sarah Zeffiro & Tom MosserDate: Friday, June 3rd, 2016
Gallery Hours: Saturdays, 2 - 5pm, or by appointment.

Recent Works by Tom Mosser & Sarah Zeffiro

Opening Reception First Friday, June 3rd, 2016, 7 -10 pm. Music by Leigh and Steel Pans & Hong Zhao playing the guzheng of Ancient China.

Closing Reception First Friday, July 1st, 2016, 7 – 10 pm. Music TBA

What’s UP is a new and evolving body of work by artist Sarah Zeffiro.
The work on display will include drawings and mixed media paintings. The theme of the
work is storytelling through design, texture, space, and line. Viewers will learn about the artists process from drawing to painting.

Drawings are 36×120”, sharpie on rolled drawing paper.
Paintings, 48×48”, acrylic on canvas

We are storytellers expressing, influencing, and connected to a collective story. Why are we telling our stories? How are we sharing our stories?
Become timeless, and develop the ability to see from all perspectives. Art is action. Art is movement. Art is an expression of the Now. Live your story in all mediums, be yourart. Follow the story.

Sarah has been a part of group and solo exhibitions, and her work has been acquired by both public and private collectors. In 2005, Sarah and Tom Mosser created the iconic Sprout Fund mural “The Two Andys” located on Smithfield and Strawberry Way. They will be together again creating a collaborative piece especially for this exhibition.

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Tom Mosser will be creating new works for this exhibition.
Tom Mosser. The Artist who paints with…tennis balls.

On October 4th of 2015, Tom Mosser unveiled his “Tom Mosser Design” art concept during a live painting performance at the Minnesota Vikings’ event “A Taste of the Vikings”. (Tom’s agent, Tracie Speca, at Sports & the Arts (www.sportart.net) is curating the Vikings’ new stadium.) The line involves painting with such items as tennis balls, footballs and shoe bottoms among other found objects. Tom said, “I’ve been keeping the technique a secret for 3 years working out the copyright and Trademarks for the line. I literally paint on balls and roll them on surfaces including canvas, paper and clothing to create representational or abstract work. I love the fashion possibilities that the patterns would inspire especially the tennis ball patterns. They have a raw screen printed look.” (visit the Facebook page at: Tom Mosser Design). Tom painted with footballs with San Francisco 49’ers legend Dwight Clark at JCO’S Place Fine Art in Los Gatos California January 14th. It was part of the “Art of the NFL” show that will run through February. Tom also collaborated with Pittsburgh Steeler players Sharmarko Thomas, Chris Boswell and Roosevelt Nix on a painting at the Legends of Pittsburgh Cruise this past March. The painting they created later on sold for $15,000.

Tom was the November artist of the Month for the National Art Museum of sport. Click on: http://www.nationalartmuseumofsport.org/2015-artist-of-the-month/november-2015-tom-mosser/

Tom will also be doing a tennis ball painting workshop for the family, date TBA.
Says Tom, “I’ve never seen anything like it before and best of all of love doing it. I especially enjoy working with tennis balls. Kids love it too. I’m so pumped to display the work for the first time on June 2nd.”

-Tom Mosser

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