Four-part Tuesday Morning Yoga SeriesFour-part Tuesday Morning Yoga Series

Warrior Yoga Series:  Acting Despite Fear

Sliding scale $7-15 per class.  Attend as many classes as you choose.

  • Tues 10/13  8:00-9:15am
  • Tues 10/20  8:00-9:15am
  • Tues 10/27  8:00-9:15am
  •  Tues 11/3  8:00-9:15am

As we transition through the erratic season of autumn, this 4-part class series “Warrior Yoga Series: Acting Despite Fear” will focus on grounding our minds and moving through intensity.  Each class will be an opportunity for your body to lead you to inspiration in spite of fear-stories you may have.  You are invited to cultivate stillness alongside motion, and a willingness to act even when fear is still present, as you are supported and guided by your body’s innate wisdom and intuition.

Katherine is a filmmaker, activist, Ayurvedic practitioner and community organizer.  She moved to PGH this summer from Oakland, CA.  She has been practicing yoga for 12 years, and received her 200 hour training in Sattva Yoga in the Himalayans in northern India in 2014.  She offers one-on-one radical health and healing consults drawing from yogic practices and Ayurveda.  She’s a born New Yorker and loves donuts and dark humor.

Sattva Yoga is a holistic system of teachings from the Himalayan wisdom tradition, born in Rishikesh–long considered the birthplace of yoga.  The practice at times uses meditation, breathwork, hatha postures, Sufi flow movements, kriyas (intensive electric movement), visualization and free dance to generate a sense of radical aliveness.  The practice aims to invoke freedom, transformation and access to your fullest self.


This is not your typical American-style yoga and you do not have to have done yoga or like American-style yoga to participate.  Come with a sense of adventure, a desire to move, and an openness to something new.  Please bring a yoga mat, a pillow or blanket to sit on is optional.


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