Review: “Make Moves” Exhibition

Posted on February 5, 2014

From the Pittsburgh City Paper:

Bill Shannon’s cubism for the 21st century
Installation work explores how we know one another by our parts.
by Leo Hsu

A hundred years after Picasso and Braque introduced cubism, challenging the idea that painters should describe their subjects from a single point of perception, Bill Shannon has extended cubist principles by using 21st-century technologies.

Pittsburgh-based Shannon is internationally known for his skateboarding and hip-hop movement-based work, which he performs on crutches due to a degenerative hip disease. Some of that work is referenced in Make Moves, at the Irma Freeman Center. But this solo exhibition focuses on recent work in which Shannon grapples with materials — the remains of infrastructure, the human body, substances that cannot be recycled, but that can be reused — and reshapes them in ways both surprising and appropriate.

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