2017 Summer Camps


There is a $15 registration fee per child, and camps are just $90 each and $70 for Aftercamp!

All camps run five consecutive weekdays,
3 hours per day.

Here you can submit a registration form to us electronically and make your payment online. A few quick but important notes:

  • If you have not already done so, please review our full camp listings before filling out and submitting a registration form.
  • If you have more than one child, please submit a separate registration form for each child.
  • If you are paying by check, please submit a form here, and download and print out the registration form PDF and submit it along with your payment to IFCI, 5006 Penn Avenue, Pgh., 15224
  • If you are paying with cash please call our office to make an appointment to pay in person (412-924-0634)
  • If you want to apply for a scholarship based on financial need, submit a form here, AND, download and print the scholarship form PDF and submit it to us. Due to financial constraints on our end, please note that there is a three camp maximum per scholarship recipient. DO not make more that three camp selections. We will contact you about your child's scholarship award and how to make a co-payment.
  • PLEASE NOTE: we can not hold your child's spot until your payment is received for any camps registered.

Thank you!


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SESSION 1: June 19 - 23
9am-12pm  Puppet Masquerade (Ages 6-8)
9am-12pm  Modern Dance Express (Ages 9-12)
12:30-3:30pm  Plant Magic! (Ages 6-8)
12:30-3:30pm  Painting Upwards (Ages 9-12)
3:30-5:30pm  Aftercamp 1 (Ages 6-12)

SESSION 2: June 26 - June 30
9am-12pm  Acro Yoga Circus (Ages 6-12)
12:30-3:30pm  Adventures in Fiber Arts (Ages 6-8)
12:30-3:30pm  DIY Tech Makershop (Ages 9-12)
3:30-5:30pm  Aftercamp 2 (Ages 6-12)

SESSION 3: July 10 - 14
9 am-12pm  Art of Performance (Ages 6-8)
9 am-12  Sewing in Stitches (Ages 9-12)
12:30-3:30pm  Strange & Curious (Ages 6-8)
12:30-3:30pm  Sacred Geometry (Ages 9-12)
3:30-5:30pm  Aftercamp 3 (Ages 6-12)

SESSION 4: July 17 - 21
9am-12pm  Mapping Time (Ages 6-8)
9am-12pm  Kids in Cosmos (Ages 9-12)
12:30-3:30pm  Mixed Media (Ages 6-8)
12:30-3:30pm  Miniature Pittsburgh (Ages 9-12)
3:30-5:30pm  Aftercamp 4 (Ages 6-12)

SESSION 5: July 24 - 28
9 am-12pm  Dance Choreography & Performance (Ages 12-17)
12:30-3:30pm  Print Explorers (Ages 12-17)


Please add up the total number of camps that you selected above (i.e. number of boxes you checked). Then, choose that number from the drop down list below. You will see the total cost next to your selection. This includes one $15 non-refundable registration fee plus the current camp rates.

Remember, as stated at the top of this page, each camp is 3 hours per day for five consecutive weekdays. Each box you checked above is a camp. For example, if you checked the boxes for 9am-12:00pm, 12:30pm-3:30pm, and (Aftercamp) 3:30pm-5:30pm during a given week-long Session, that would be two camps plus Aftercamp, which is an additional $75 per week.

Will the name on the credit card or PayPal account differ from the name of the parent or guardian that you entered at the top of this form? If so, what name will the payment be coming from? (If the name will be the same, you can just leave this blank)

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When you press the button below, your form will be submitted, and you will receive instructions for paying online. These instructions will be sent to you in a confirmation e-mail as well. Please note that your child's spot is not reserved until the payment is received. If you asked any questions in the box above, we will try to provide you with a direct answer ASAP. You can also contact us directly if you'd like. Thanks!