Buy the book “Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh Artists!” directly from the IF Center for $37.00 (plus tax and shipping anywhere in the Domestic USA)   Published by the IF Center in 2011.

Bill O’Driscoll of the Pittsburgh City paper writes:

…Pittsburgh is many things, maybe everything, in Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh Artists! The glossy, full-color paperback is drawn from a 30-artist exhibition at Bloomfield’s Irma Freeman Center for Imagination, a gallery run by Sheila Ali, who edited the self-published book. The artists are a mix of young and old, newcomers and natives (with one or two ex-pats), working in everything from painting and mosaic to video.

There’s a lot of beautiful stuff, from Annie Bendle Ladley’s vibrant, impressionistic landscapes of industrial Pittsburgh to vivid documentary photos of post-industrial Pittsburgh. But I also enjoyed readings of the city not as it is, but as it might be: Ryder Henry’s painting of Bloomfield given a mildly futuristic tweak, and Carol Skinger’s doctored aerial photo remaking East Liberty not as a retail mecca but as a green-roofed urban oasis.