WELCOME! The Irma Freeman Center for Imagination is an arts and green energy community center with a mission to enrich and diversify the local community by building positive experiences in a multicultural, progressive setting. We use art, including the work of Irma Freeman, to nurture the imagination. [Read More...]


Three Rivers Clinic

Three Rivers Clinic

April 512:00 PM - 6:00 PM

From our staff

Check this out:
A video collage of excerpts from Prometheus Bound: A Puppet Tragedy.

Need a center to rent?
The Irma Freeman Center for Imagination offers two different rooms, as well as a refrigerator, sink, and oven!
This is the perfect place to celebrate with friends and family this holiday season!
For more information on pricing and availability, contact the IF Center.
Phone: 412-924-0634

E-mail: Office Manager, Jack Ball, jackball@irmafreeman.org

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